Group making sleeping mats for the homeless with yarn made from plastic bags is continuing to impress

The Chaz Project continues to impress the community with the fine organizational skills of founder Jasmine Wilson of Texarkana and other local volunteers.

All of the hard work has made this new organization very well known in a short period of time.

Response to an ArkLaTex News article (click here to read) about the organization and Wilson caused many of you to write to us on our "contact us" page, and our staff was happy to send you more information and answer your questions. There was also much praise for Wilson in our online mailbag.

In a few short weeks, The Chaz Project has helped teach local people how to make plastic yarn or "plarn" that is then used to make durable mats that help the homeless from used plastic grocery bags donated at the Best Buy collection point in Texarkana, Texas.

Also, The Chaz Project now has a point person in Arkadelphia who will be handling collections there (click here for details).

The organization also has an all new Facebook page for the group which honors Wilson's late uncle, who lived within the homeless community of Portland, Oregon (click here for the new Facebook page).

Jasmine Wilson also thrilled people who are following The Chaz Project by publishing an insightful poem written by Chaz himself that the family found on the internet after his death which was inspired by a non-profit group called Right 2 Dream Too that helps homeless men and women in Oregon.

Reading the poem from Chaz, you can just feel inside your heart the pride he would have had for his niece in starting this project which was named in his honor.

This is a poem that was written by Chaz, Right 2 Dream Too. He wrote it on a sort of blog and soon after his death, we...
Posted by The Chaz Project on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The very hardworking founder Jasmine Wilson also found time to make a new video explaining the technical aspects of plarn that was very well received locally.

How to chain your squares together to make plarn.
Posted by The Chaz Project on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The collection point at Best Buy in Texarkana, Texas has also been very popular, and people are bringing their bags to be repurposed into the mats made by the Chaz Project.

ArkLaTex News and Texarkana News will continue to follow the progress of this exciting organization, which was established to help people in our society who are among the most vulnerable.
Look for this collection point at the front of Best Buy in Texarkana