Rain and storms hammer Nash and the Ark-La-Tex as woman is trapped on top of her car in Texarkana parking lot

A woman was trapped on top of her vehicle in the parking lot of Harte Hanks on N. Robinson Road in Texarkana on Wednesday afternoon as rain is creating flood waters across the Texarkana area.

The woman reached out to Facebook friends to ask for help as rain waters poured above her on top of her car in the lower parking area of the Harte Hanks parking lot.

UPDATE: A wrecker has rescued the woman (3:45 pm, 5/8/19)

The Ark-La-Tex region — and especially Northeast Texas — is facing increasing water levels as rain pounds the area.

Driving conditions in the entire region are considered dangerous as some streets have deep pools of water that appear to be shallow on first glance. The National Weather Service has issued several warnings in the region.

In central Texarkana, people have been seen digging trenches in the grass so water will flow to the road instead of flooding homes.