Local restaurant famous for chicken fried rib-eye steak ROBBED of steak, fish and beer on Saturday

Westshore, Garland City, Arkansas' famous steak and fish restaurant was robbed of virtually all food products and supplies sometime on or before April 20 which, in turn, stopped Saturday night service at the restaurant. The brazen thieves stole every steak and every piece of fish plus hush puppies,  bags of fries, all supplies and all beer. The restaurant was expecting a full house with parties booked for the night. It was a devastating blow to the many fans of the restaurant.

Concerned citizens and local foodies took to the internet on Saturday night to express their dismay about the loss of service. The restaurant is well known for its chicken fried rib-eye steak (see picture above).

The restaurant posted a notice about the robbery at 2:01 pm on Saturday: "With regret we are sorry to post that we will be closed tonight," the Westshore notice said. "Someone felt the need to rob us last night and stole every steak, bags of fries, hush puppies, all of our fish , all of our supplies and all of our beer. We apologize to everyone who had parties booked tonight! We are all completely devastated and heartbroken."

There are a lot of crimes that hurt one or two people, but this robbery ruined the Saturday night of a few hundred fine folks in the Ark-La-Tex.

They say food is love. If that's true, robbing people of food comes awfully close to hate. Hopefully, the perpetrators will be caught soon.